For Furry Friends

For Furry Friends’ P.A.W.S is the lifesaver for furkids with sensitive skin and busy pawrents who want to effectively eliminate bacteria, virus and odour from their pets!

Safe without a single trace of Chemical, Alcohol, Toxin and Surfactant, P.A.W.S is suitable for all pets including kittens, puppies, hamsters, rabbits and more

Prevent dust adhesion, relieve skin irritation, helps skin problem recovery and can use it directly on your pet’s body, paws, toys, cage, bed, sofa and so on!

PS: It has zero side effects on us and our environment! (No rinsing off with water required)


For Furry Friends’ Tick & Flea Series is formulated by 100% Natural Ingredients. The range of products are able to solve fleas and ticks problems naturally without any side effects. Get the full range today to get protected.


Say Goodbye to:


Pet Sensitive Skin Problems

Pets Body and House Odour

Flea & Tick Related Problems

Urine Stain and Saliva Stain on the Bed, Sofa or Carpet

Dirty Paws After Reaching Home

Smelly / Dirty Pets After Nature Calls

Ear Wax Build-Up

Hefty Bills From Vets!

Expensive Water Bill (P.A.W.S = No Need to Rinse)


Fungal and Yeast Infections.

P.A.W.S. Pet Sanitizer is developed with the latest innovative technology from Japan. It can effectively remove bacteria, dirt and bad odor from our pets and their living space!
P.A.W.S. does not contain a single trace of Chemical, Alcohol, Toxin and Surfactant. Most importantly, it has zero side effects on humans, pets and our environment!
Let's care & protect our pet's health starting with P.A.W.S. sanitizer to help reduce rash, itchiness, redness and sensitive skin problems!