Happy Again Hip & Joint Supplement (400g)
Happy Again Hip & Joint Supplement (400g)

Happy Again Hip & Joint Supplement (400g)

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Happy Again’s unique formula with glucosamine for dogs is combined with the highest-grade hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins. It’s the best choice to give your pet. Just sprinkle over their food daily.

Happy Again’s collagen+ has an all natural flavor and your dog will love it!

Happy Again is made from all active ingredients with zero fillers ensuring the best quality for your dog. Perfect for all dogs aged 7+

How It Works?


Our founder is a biotech scientist specializing in cartilage tissue engineering. What does that mean you say?! Basically, she’s incredibly smart and, lucky for us, a super dog lover. She used her research in cartilage rebuilding to create the unique formula for Happy Again. It can help rebuild your dog’s cartilage, prolonging their youth and helping older dogs improve their mobility.

Your dog’s joints are primarily composed of collagen, which naturally deteriorates with age, often resulting in stiffness, joint discomfort. Combining the highest-grade blend of collagen, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and vitamins, Happy Again’s special formula can help to improve your dog’s life.

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