Grooming & Services

We started in 2003 providing grooming (dogs & cats) and pet transportation services. Along the way, we have made many friends and have many satisfied customers! Check out our Facebook page and Google review!

Basic Grooming includes

  • Bath, conditioning & drying (let us know if your precious has any specific conditions such as sensitive skin)
  • Nails clipping & filing
  • Removal of hair from ear canal
  • Ears cleaning
  • Shaving of paw pads
  • Clipping of hair around hygiene area
  • Anal gland expression only on request by owner
  • Prices start from $55 for dogs and $60 for cats

Full Dog Grooming includes

  • Basic grooming plus
  • Trimming / shaving of fur eg: shave downs / breed trims
  • Prices start from $75 for dogs and $120 for cats

Notes for owners:
Duration for both full and basic grooming will vary according to type of breed, thickness of coat, fur texture as well as the cooperation of your pets. Large breeds and breeds with a thicker coat will definitely require more time to groom.

Pet Taxi service is also available. Price will vary according to distance and trips required.

Contact us for appointments or to answer any of your questions!

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